LastPass for Windows Phone now available for free

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Last month, keyword protection service LastPass had to issue an announcement to users about ‘suspicious activity’ that occurred on its networks. According to the company’s press release, after investigating the suspicious activity, LastPass account email addresses, password reminders, server per user salts and authentication hashes were found compromised. The LastPass team is confident that nothing came of the breach. However, it was forced to issue a warning to users to update their master passwords for further protection.

Even with last months fiasco, LastPass stands among the highest rated password management services around, and as of today, LastPass is lowering the barrier to entry by offering its apps on mobile for free. According to a LastPass release, “We’re excited to announce that new users can get started with LastPass for free, on any device, including mobile devices! You can then upgrade to LastPass Premium to enjoy unlimited sync across all your devices.”

As the offer is explicit in its wording for ‘mobile’ LastPass users can also gain free access to the service on their tablets as well as smartphones and PCs. From the looks of the offer, current free and Premium users can continue to using LastPass unchanged. However, anyone who signs up during this free promotional period can choose where they want to get started for free.

“If you’ve just signed up for LastPass from your smartphone or tablet, and, therefore, started a Premium trial of the app, the trial will be canceled and you’ll be able to continue with a free account on that device and any other device of the same type.”

For mobile-only users, this new offer is great, but most people use a mix of devices, and typically a PC is thrown into the mix. For users who begin using LastPas on mobile but want to extend their password protection onto desktops, they can activate a free 14-day trial. The trial gives users access to Premium services such as unlimited syncs across unlimited devices.

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