Last-gen Surface tablets get India’s regulatory certification, launch impending?

Last-gen Surface tablets get India's regulatory certification, launch impending?

It’s been three years since Microsoft released its first Surface tablet, however, if you’re in India, the tablet is yet to mark its official launch. But that might change soon, as two of the previous generation Surface tablets — Surface RT and Surface Pro 2 seem to be making their way to the second most populous nation.

Both the tablets are listed in country’s regulatory authority, the Bureau of Indian Standards. In the simplest of terms, what it means is that the tablets has been certified by India’s regulatory body. But there is no word on when (or if) the device will hit the retailers.

“As per BIS processes, certification is mandatory for this category. For Microsoft, we do go through these processes from time-to-time, as part of any market assessment perspective. But, at this stage, we have no announcements to offer for launch timing of the said model or other models of Microsoft Surface in India,” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

This is what a Microsoft spokesperson had told me a few months ago about the company’s plan to launch Surface tablets in India. “We value all of our Surface customers across the globe. We’re always evaluating our options and as we’ve said before, we’ve taken a measured and phased approach to Surface availability in order to meet customer demand and partner expectations. In regards to additional market availability, we have nothing further to share at this time.”

As of now, that’s all the information we have regarding Surface’s possible launch in the country. But for those who can’t wait, you may want to check, as several of Surface tablets are available there. 

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