Laptop Magazine names Microsoft’s Surface RT as one of ’15 Most Overpriced Gadgets of All Time’

Looks like the popular Laptop Magazine news site is no fan of Microsoft’s recently released Surface RT tablet. In a report, Laptop Magazine places the Surface RT tablet as one of fifteen most overpriced gadgets of all time. The report even compares Microsoft’s tablet to an Apple iPad.

“At its $499 base price, Microsoft’s first tablet costs the same as the fourth-generation iPad, the well-established leader in the tablet market. The attractive Surface has a worse screen than the iPad, it lasts 5 hours less on a charge and, at launch time, had only a handful of decent apps for its nascent Windows RT operating system,” the report states. The report also mentions that in order to get the same device that is heavily-advertised, one must purchase the Touch Cover keyboard, which costs you $119 but costs Microsoft only $16 to manufacture. This rounds out to about $620 for the Surface RT tablet. Regardless, this is just an opinion by another news company. Only consumers can decide if Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet is overpriced or priced just right. Perhaps in a related story, a report is suggesting that the Surface RT isn’t making as much money as Microsoft thought it would. In fact, according to sources from component suppliers, the Surface RT is expected to have difficulty achieving a good performance during the holiday season and may only see sales of 60% of what was projected. Yet on the flip side, another report states that Microsoft believes sales of the Surface RT tablet are “very well” so far. So who knows exactly how well the Surface RT tablet is doing in the market, until Microsoft gives us some hard stats on sales. Just recently, we learned that the Surface Pro would be released in January with two models ranging from a 64GB model priced at $899, and a 128GB model priced at $999.

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