LANCOM reveal their strategy for next-generation mobile telecommunications


Network company launches professional 3.5G and 4G product range

London, UK, Monday 25th October, 2010 – With data rates of up to 100 Mbps downstream and 50 Mbps upstream, the next generation of broadband cellular networks opens up completely new applications for enterprises. While UMTS/3G is primarily used to backup business-critical DSL lines, HSPA+ (3.5G) and LTE (4G) are fully capable of supporting professional business applications based on cellular networks, including VPN and Voice-over-IP. Fittingly, network specialist LANCOM is to successively expand its product range to include 3.5G and 4G VPN routers for enterprise applications.

This strategy enables LANCOM’s business customers to completely network their sites over cellular networks, even in these early days of LTE. Benefiting in particular from this new broadband technology are companies in regions that lack DSL coverage. This technology will be available worldwide in the mid-term, which makes it of interest to internationally operative companies looking for a uniform basis to implement site connectivity over VPN.

In tune with construction plans of the mobile network operators, LANCOM plans to introduce their first production models early in the summer of 2011. Along with conventional VPN routers for operation inside buildings, the portfolio of products will include LTE-capable VPN routers for industrial purposes and for outdoor use. An early prototype will be on display at the IT & Business trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany (26 – 28 October, 2010).

Initially these new routers will support European LTE-frequency spectra, making them suitable for a wide variety of stationary and mobile business applications.

A high-performance VPN router based on HSPA+, the latest evolution of UMTS/3G, will be available as early as January 2011. Offering up to 21 Mbps downstream and 5.76 Mbps upstream, the LANCOM 1780W-3G provides several times more bandwidth than that so far available from cellular networks and many times faster than DSL. Mobile network operators are expected to provide full HSPA+ coverage in the near future.

“We are the first vendor to address business customers with such a wide range of professional HSPA+ and LTE devices. These products present our customers with tremendous opportunities,” says Christian Schallenberg, Executive Vice President Product Marketing, LANCOM. “This is a seamless tie-in with our successful 1751 and 3850 series of UMTS routers, products which are enjoying worldwide success backing up thousands of business-critical DSL connections.”

This line of cellular routers embeds seamlessly into the range of solutions on offer from LANCOM. Consequently the manufacturer is able to provide consistent LANCOM VPN infrastructures extending from the central VPN gateway over wired connections to branch offices or even via mobile telephone networks; for example to provide connectivity to branch offices in rural areas. The company expects wide acceptance in particular by wholesale and retail chain operators, who for years already have relied upon UMTS for backup, including reliable connectivity with electronic-cash clearing houses or with central enterprise-resource planning systems.

Note to editors: The LANCOM management is happy to make themselves available for interviews or general discussion on this subject. Appointments can be scheduled with the press contacts listed below.