Endless runner game 'Lamphead' for Windows Phone now available for Windows 8.1

Lamphead for Windows Phone now available for Windows 8.1

If you're looking for an endless runner to keep you occupied, look no further than Lamphead, previously available for Windows Phone and now available for Windows 8.1. Lamphead's developer, Oriplay, creates a gaming experience much like Limbo, except instead of solving puzzles, you are avoiding obstacles and collecting rewards as you switch between two planes.

Lamphead is a fantastic time waster for Windows Phone and now is available for WIndows 8.1. Lamphead's simple game mechanics make it a great way to pass the time on your Windows Phone or Windows 8.1 device. Another bonus is the fact that the game supports 512 MB RAM Windows Phones.

Your character, Lamphead, is fitted with a Lamp (duh) to shed light on the path before you to keep the darkness at bay as you wander faster and faster alternating between two planes as you avoid certain death. Endless runners like Lamphead can be great to pass the time as well as test your reflexes and timing as you try to get your own high score.

Lamphead helps you figure out the main goal of the game with a fast, fun tutorial to set you off on the right foot. Your Lamphead tries to evade dangers like spikes, saw blades, falling rocks, flying birds, and more. Your Lamphead doesn't have an endless battery, so you have to be sure to pick up bonuses like batteries or special rewards like temporary invincibility.

So check out the gameplay video below and try Lamphead for yourself.

Lamphead is free and available for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 in the download links below

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