Knoxville is the title fans have voted to be Press Play's next game

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Press Play is a Microsoft owned game developing company with only thirty-two game developers. They had three concepts for games that they were interested in pursuing but only have the personnel to make one, so they turned the decision over to their fans. We reported on this last month and the final results are in. The next Press Play game will be “Knoxville.” Press Play announced the results in a post which includes a brief joking video.

Knoxville is described as “A 3rd person multiplayer action-survival game in which players must both work together and against each other.” It beat out Dwarka and Karoo to be Press Plays next title by receiving 46% of the fan votes. The small game developing company continues their unconventionally open to the public approach to game developing with their first bi-weekly Twitch stream on September 17 at 8am EDT.
Smaller companies often need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Press Play’s openness and fan interaction are a clever way to engage fans while simultaneously making the most likable game possible. You can also join Press Play's "inner circle" to play early versions of their games and get access to other exclusive content.

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