Here are the known issues in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14352

Michael Cottuli

Another build, another set of bugs. Microsoft has released Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14352, and brought with it tons of improvements to Cortana, some additions to the ruler function, and plenty of other bug fixes and goodies for the folks who like to dig through Insider builds.

Along with the improvements, however, there are always going to be a few kinks in the system. Before you go reporting bugs to the dev team, here are the issues they already know about.

  • Previously installed extensions for Microsoft Edge may not work for around 15 minutes after your first sign-in. A work around for this is to manually re-install each extension from the Store.
  • In some cases, the new Cortana features highlighted above may not work. Restarting your PC should fix the issue and get the features working.
  • Using the keyboard to navigate in certain Store apps like Netflix or Tweetium does not work. You will need to use your mouse.

The bugs don’t seem to be too bad this build, if that’s all they know about. If you find any other issues, go ahead and report them to Microsoft so they can get the most out of this preview build.