Known issues in Windows 10 build 11082

Kip Kniskern

Updated on:

Windows 10 fan

Microsoft just released a new Windows 10 build for Windows Insiders, marked as version 11082. In a bit of a change from previous communications, the known issues for the build aren’t published in the announcing blog post, but rather they’re posted on the Insider Hub app in Windows 10, available for Windows Insiders.  Anyway, here are the known issues for this build:
We have a few known issues for Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 11082:

  • Languages packages and Features on Demand will fail to install on this build. We are investigating workarounds.
  • When copying, deleting, or moving files there will be no progress dialog shown. The file action will complete without intervention. This can cause confusion when acting on large files or directories.
  • With this build, application defaults for some applications will be reset. Music & Video will default to Windows Media Player. This can be reconfigured opening Cortana or Search and searching for “Choose default apps by file type” to open the correct settings page.

So take heed of the known issues, and check your Windows Update settings if you’re a Windows Insider in the fast ring, and get to downloading build 11082!