Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason set to kick off February 1st

Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason set to kick off February 1

Many of us are anxious for the 2014 Winter Olympics to get underway next week, but if you can’t wait for Sochi to get your sports fix, then Xbox has you covered. The gaming system is kicking off a new event, and it begins very soon.

Today Larry Hryb, better known by the handle Major Nelson, reveals that the Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason begins this Saturday, February 1st. Participants will represent their nations in the racing tournament.

“At the end of the month, the world’s best racers will receive special metallic wake racers, and the players from the winning nation will unlock a special wake racer inspired by that country’s flag. There are also daily challenges for everyone to earn points and unlock prizes that they can take into the full game of Kinect Sports Rivals when it launches”, Hryb explains.

To go along with this news, Hryb posted some tips on his blog (linked below) to get everyone off to a fast start. Good luck if you decide to jump into this race.

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