Kinect-powered rehab system passed through the FDA

Vu Anh Nguyen


The Kinect has proven to have many practical uses that goes beyond its commonly seen role as a companion device to Microsoft’s gaming console, the Xbox; one of the most exciting of which has to be its application in healthcare. Microsoft has taken to their MDSN blog to announce the FDA clearance of one such application, Reflexion Health’s Vera for the Kinect for Windows.
Built by healthcare software startup Relexion Health, Vera is part of a rehabilition system that uses the Kinect for Windows to help physical therapy patients. Utilizing the advanced depth-sensing and body tracking capabilities found in the latest Kinect sensor,  Vera captures a patient’s exercise movements, compare it to the correct model, and give out instructions as needed, making it much easier to follow than the traditional stick-figure system. The patient’s movement data can also be shared with therapists who can use this data to give prescriptions and track progress.

Prior to getting a 501(k) clearance from the FDA, Vera has been test-driven in 5 medical centers. The clearance reflects an increasing willingness to utilize innovative tools and technology in the healthcare space, and again showcases the versatility of Kinect, arguably one of Microsoft’s more innovative products. Stay tuned to hear about the next exciting news regarding Microsoft and its innovations.