Killer Instinct Windows Phone game was supposedly being made for cancelled McLaren phone

Mark Coppock

Microsoft’s popular Xbox One exclusive Killer Instinct generated a ton of activity for the company’s gaming console ecosystem, being responsible for some of the company’s success in 2016 with over six million unique players in March. According to Microsoft’s Xbox Creative Director Adam Isgreen, the company had even more plans for the game that might have involved the cancelled McLaren unicorn smartphone.

The news comes via a forum post on (via Windows Central):

Let me end he speculation. It was a mobile game prototype we were working on to go hand in hand with some interesting tech being developed for our phones.

The tech didn’t end up being put into production, so the game wasn’t finished. It was pretty cool – it told the rise of TJ and his whole dealings with ultra tech. His trainer was modeled after Ken Lobb too. =)

It played like punch-out but with combo mechanics and KI flair.

Of course, that’s a bit vague and could have applied to just about anything. Nevertheless, it’s at least fun to imagine that the various applications that might have evolved from McLaren’s 3D Touch and other advanced technology.

We’ll never know what Microsoft had planned for the innovative Windows 10 Mobile device, and maybe they’ll surprise us by introducing some of its more forward-thinking technology in next year’s Surface Phone. In the meantime, we’ll just have to be content with pure speculation, and let us know in the comments if you think McLaren would have made for a successful device.