Khan Academy lands on the Xbox One bringing free education videos to your TV

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Khan Academy lands on the Xbox One bringing free education videos to your TV

The internet introduced a way for anyone with a connection to it to learn and get educated from its vast pool of resources, and thanks to it, certain websites have become available that provided curated courses to make it easier for those looking to learn. One such site is Khan Academy.

First available on the web, then on mobile devices, Khan Academy is now available on the Xbox One console too. The app provides access to thousands of educational videos on a range of different topics. The non-profit organization provides its video’s complete free of charge and makes them available to anyone in the world. No ads, and no regional restrictions.

The launch of the Khan Academy app for Xbox means that users can now experience the academic app on all three of Microsoft’s main platforms covering the desktop PC, tablets and mobile devices and now the console.

In the grander scheme of things, speaking at the recent Atlantic’s Navigate tech conference, Khan Academy founder Salman Khan talked about ways to revolutionize higher education by creating a universal degree that is comparable to a Stanford degree and transforming the college transcript into a student-created portfolio. That’s certainly a way to completely overhaul higher education.

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