Keyboard and mouse support still on the way for the Xbox One

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With games like Gigantic and Halo Wars 2 coming to the Xbox One, a lot of gamers have been wondering if  the previously-promised mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One is going to be arriving any time soon. On top of being useful for some of the games that are arriving on Xbox, it's also going to be a huge help for other functions on the Xbox One, including Windows 10 to Xbox streaming (which is going to require mouse and keyboard flat-out). In a recent tweet by Phil Spencer, it was confirmed that mouse and keyboard support is, in fact, well on the way to Xbox One.

There's not too much information available on the subject apart from the knowledge that it's still in the pipeline. For Xbox users who want to be able to use their PC and Xbox as one cohesive unit, this release is going to be a huge improvement to quality of life, and is going to make the Microsoft ecosystem feel much better. Streaming Windows 10 to an Xbox One is a pretty exciting feature, to say the least.

It's not totally clear whether or not "mouse and keyboard" support is going to make it possible for Xbox gamers to use mouse and keyboard to play compatible games (like how you can plug a gamepad into a PC and play PC games like that) but it would be interesting if that were to happen. If that were the intended direction it's likely that many games would opt out of compatibility, especially competitive shooters, as mouse and keyboard is decidedly more accurate and responsive than a gamepad can be, giving mouse and keyboard users an unfair advantage.

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