With Kevin Turner gone, Satya Nadella details updates to Microsoft’s Senior Leadership team

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Earlier today, Microsoft announced that its Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner had left the company to become CEO of Citadel Securities. Following this departure, the company has since shared an email from CEO Satya Nadella to all Microsoft employees and we just learned that Turner’s former responsibilities will now be shared between several other Microsoft executives.

To explain this latest corporate reorganization, Nadella said that he wants the company to “have ‘one feedback loop’ across all parts of the company with customer value and satisfaction at the center,” that’s why he made the decision “to more deeply integrate the current SMSG organization into the rest of Microsoft and form one unified senior leadership team.”

As a result, the following changes will be effective immediately:

  • Judson Althoff will lead the Worldwide Commercial Business, which will focus on the commercial segments, inclusive of EPG, Public Sector, SMS&P, DX and Services.
  • Jean-Philippe Courtois will lead Global Sales, Marketing and Operations, which span all of Microsoft’s 13 areas across our North America and international businesses as well as the global Marketing and Operations organization.
  • Chris Capossela will lead the Worldwide Marketing and Consumer Business, which includes CCG, MSA and PSM, OEM, and Microsoft Retail Stores, in addition to his current worldwide marketing team.
  • Kurt DelBene will now also lead IT and Operations, in addition to Corporate Strategy.
  • Amy Hood will now also lead the current SMSG finance team and WWLP, in addition to the central finance team.

Nadella also added that Althoff and Courtois would join Microsoft’s senior leadership team starting today and report directly to Nadella, who added that “I’m thrilled to have two talented leaders, promoted from our field organization, step forward to join the senior leadership team with their depth of experience in our current business and shared passion to drive transformation.” Turner will also stay with Microsoft until the end of the month to help with the transition.

You can read Nadella’s full email over here, and the CEO and the senior leadership team will hold a special All Employee Q&A today at 8:30 a.m.

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