Keep your fingers crossed for a new build on Thursday, says Jason Howard

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It’s been quite a while since Windows Insiders have had a new build to play with, in fact, it’s been since the day before Thanksgiving. There have been many problems with new build candidates, mainly with UWP apps and Microsoft has been busy diagnosing and fixing the issues internally. As explained by Jason Howard during today’s Windows Insider Webcast, Windows Insiders should now be keeping fingers crossed for a new build on Thursday.

Specifically, the candidate build hit Microsoft’s internal Canary Ring this morning, meaning there will be no new builds tomorrow due to the need for some additional testing. Again, it’s not a guarantee, but if all goes right, we can expect a new build on Thursday, perhaps even Friday at the latest.

Today’s Windows Insider Webcast featured a live working demo of Windows Timeline and it went on without issue. So, like Jason Howard said, things should be ready for release soon, and best to keep your fingers crossed and hope for a new build by the end of this week!

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