Keep up with this fall’s new TV shows and movies with Bing

Mark Coppock

Keeping up with all of the upcoming and cancelled TV programs and movies can be a bit of a challenge. There’s the upcoming Fall TV season, the Primetime Emmy Awards, and tons more to keep up with. For anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the boob tube, Bing has a number of tools available.

Fall TV premieres

Just search “Fall TV shows” on Bing to show a carousel showing all of the upcoming shows on the various networks and streaming services.

Bing Fall TV show listings
Bing Fall TV show listings.

Cancelled TV shows

Have a TV show that you’ve been watching, and wondering if it’s been cancelled? Then search “cancelled TV shows” in Bing and get another carousel.

Bing Cancelled TV Shows
Bing Cancelled TV Shows.

Primetime Emmy Awards

Bing will be happy to show you all of the nominees for the premier TV awards program, and Bing Predicts will prognosticate on who’s going to win.

Bing PrimeTime Emmy Awards
Bing PrimeTime Emmy Awards.

Reality voting shows

One of the most popular TV genres of late is reality shows, including those where the audience votes directly for the winners. Bing Predicts has you covered there as well.

Bing Dancing with the Starts Predictions
Bing Dancing with the Starts Predictions.

Movies in theaters

Search Bing for “fall movies” and get yet another carousel of upcoming productions hitting your local theatre soon. You’ll be able to check out the trailer, get information on the cast, and more.

Bing Fall Movies
Bing Fall Movies.

Movies at home

Of course, you can search out Netflix and Amazon video to see what’s new on those streaming services as well.

Bing Latest Netflix Movies
Bing Latest Netflix Movies.


Finally, Bing wants to keep you up-to-date on the newest books being published every season. If you’re looking for something new to read to take you away from TV and video, then just search Bing for “fall books.”

Bing Fall Books
Bing Fall Books.

Obviously, Bing has a little bit of everything for anyone who’s looking to fill up some idle time. Hit Bing up and let us know in the comments how helpful Microsoft’s search engine really is in helping you keep up the binges.