Kansas City uses Office 365 E5 suite to reduce costs and improve mobile productivity

We all know that the Office 365 suite is huge for companies looking to boost their productivity. That said, it's easy to forget that the tools in Office 365 can also be used in government, which is - slowly but surely - catching up to the times in the way that it operates. To highlight this, the Office blog brought on Mary J. Miller, deputy director and CIO of the City of Kansas City,  as a guest author.

Miller talks quite a bit about how the Office 365 E5 suite has been able to provide her and her employees with more peace of mind, creating a safe and easy to navigate the environment in a workplace that requires some fairly significant level of control. Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection makes sure that employees are never clicking on unsafe links, and the suite also came with options to expand multi-factor authentication services to secure payroll and other secure portals.

While security was assisted by Miller and her team's use of the Office 365 suite, she also finds value in the efficiency that was made available with the package. The use of OneDrive and other Office 365 programs made it so that employees were able to have access to any important documents from the cloud, and could manage everything important to them in the palm of their hands. Because of this, employees can stay out in the field for much longer and provide their services much faster.

This is just one of many other blog posts written by guest authors on the Office blog, and that just makes sense. The big draw to Office has always been how reliable it is, and there's no better way to show that than to have a ton of testimonials to back it up. If you'd like to read this and all of the other guest author testimonials, you can look through the list here.

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