Kalimba is due to get a big, free DLC pack courtesy of Microsoft Studios and PressPlay Games

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Kalimba is is due to get a big, free DLC pack, courtesy of Microsoft Studios and PressPlay Games

Back in December, WinBeta reported on the arrival of Kalimba, a 2D puzzle-platform game for Xbox One. Now, Microsoft Studios and PressPlay games have announced that Kalimba is set to receive a free DLC pack to be released for free on April 22nd until May 6th, when the DLC content may become paid content. The DLC will also feature several new levels and game modes for both single and multiplayer gameplay.

In Kalimba, you control two parts of a totem and each part of the totem has its own skills and abilities to steer your totem away from danger and through levels with warping gravity and other crazy effects. The DLC pack also includes two new game modes, Llama Mode and Puma Mode. 

Llama Mode is a local multiplayer speed run mode, allowing up to six players to try to get the highest score. Puma Mode allows you to compete against other Xbox Live members or a character called Hoebear across 30 new levels.

Dark Void ($3.99) adds ten new single player levels to Kalimba and a new game mechanic, while the Co-Optimistic ($5.99) DLC pack features ten new coop levels. These two DLC packs will be free until May 6th, the prices shown will be their prices after May 6th. Kalimba will also arrive on Windows 8.1 on Steam, April 22nd for $9.99. 

Check out the Kalimba gameplay trailer below to get a closer look.

Kalimba is $9.99 in the Xbox One Store (link below), so pick it up today to take advantage of the free DLC packs that will be released April 22nd!

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