Just Eat food delivery service is looking for Xbox One app beta testers

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by Email Twitter: shuttlecock Dec 8th, 2016 in News

The product research team of Just Eat in the U.K. has reached out to fans on Reddit in an attempt to recruit beta testers for its upcoming Xbox One app.

“Here in Product Research, we do things slightly differently to a traditional app development team – everything we design and build is done in constant feedback with people who would actually be using the app. We use a user-centred iterative process called ‘Lean Startup’ that pushes a product around a ‘Build – Measure – Learn’ loop, getting closer and closer to a perfect product with each cycle,” said Just Eat’s Ben Paul in the Reddit post. “We start by trying to understand what Xbox gamers want when they’re ordering food through their TVs, quickly build a concept we think might hit those needs (we do this with paper prototypes, mock-ups in tools like Marvel or Sketch, or very lightweight throw-away code), give it to people to try, update our designs based on the feedback and go around the Build-Measure-Learn cycle again.”

Interested users are encourage to download the beta app by entering the code ‘GXRR9-XWYPV-9D2CF-YCPMD-WRY9Z’ on their Xbox One console and order some food as they normally would on the other Just Eat apps. As an extra incentive, five random beta testers who fill in the post-test survey (which will be emailed to them) will be given £20 vouchers as thanks.

Are you a Just Eat fan and would you use an Xbox One app for ordering food? Let us know in the comments below.

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