Just bought an iPad? Apple offers you $100 cash back

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Mar 7th, 2011 inNews

For those of you who just recently bought an iPad and saw the announcement for the iPad 2, fear not. Apple is offering you 100 dollars cash back for your troubles.

With the recent announcement of the iPad 2, Apple is now offering 100 dollars cash back for those who are frustrated that they wasted money on an older generation iPad. If you bought the original iPad between February 16th and March 1st, you are eligible for the cash back.

As TechSpot reports, in order to receive this cash back, head over to your local Apple Store. You will need your receipt if you want to claim the cash back in person or simply call the company’s customer service hotline (1-800-676-2775) if you purchased your iPad online. The iPad 2 launches March 11 at the starting price of $499.

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