Jurassic World: Evolution announced at Gamescom

Michael Cottuli

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In a move that was pretty out of left field, our first big announcement at Gamescom was a quick trailer for “Jurassic World: Evolution.” The game looks to be based on the recent Jurassic Park reboot of the same name (minus the “Evolution” part, anyways.)  This announcement is exceedingly odd considering the fact that the movie came out quite a while ago, and is more in line with the sequel due out next year.

The game is coming from Frontier Developments, a studio that many in the gaming community may know as the minds behind Elite Dangerous. As opposed to the open world sci-fi experience of their previous game, this one sounds to have more of similarity to their previous game – Planet Coaster – where you build your own park.

Jurassic Park: Evolution is releasing in summer 2018.