June 18th: One hell of a day for announcements

June 18th seems to be rather popular amongst companies and their selection of dates to announce things. Microsoft, Nokia and Verizon are all planning to announce things on that day. Microsoft say they have something big, Nokia has something to announce about Pureview, and Verizon? No idea thus-far.

So where do we begin? Let’s start with Microsoft. Microsoft recently sent out invitations that said “This will be a major Microsoft announcement – you will not want to miss it.” Currently, it is unknown what the company could be announcing. Some have suspected that the company is planning to announce Xbox Video, since it wasn’t shown at E3. This isn’t concrete information, so it is not clear whether it’s true.

Moving on, Nokia also has something up their sleeve. Earlier this week the company was dropping hints with images with the date 06.18.2012, which is June 18th, same day as Microsoft’s announcement. What could Nokia be announcing? Well, it seems they cannot wait to tell us, and changed their facebook page header image to the Pureview 808, could the Pureview be coming to North America? It’s what we think the announcement is!

And finally, Verizon. Verizon just recently teased their June 18th announcement, with a video that says the Internet is about to change forever. We are unsure what this means, could Verizon be revealing brand new, ultra fast packages? Or are they just going to reveal more prices? You can check the video out below.

So there you have it, a whole day dedicated to announcements. Some big, some small. It doesn’t matter, they are still announcements.

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