Julie Larson-Green reportedly poised to lead Microsoft Office

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Re/code has reported yet a new development planned in Microsoft’s workforce, which will see long-time executive and current Chief Experience Officer Julie Larson-Green being in charge of Microsoft Office. So far there have been no official statements from the company.
According to the inside information Larson-Green will be replacing Kirk Koenigsbauer as head of Microsoft Office, while retaining all of her current duties. A Microsoft veteran with more than 20 years under her belt, Larson-Green has cycled through a number of notable positions during her career, including lead of Windows engineering, as well as chief of the devices unit for a short time. The upcoming position should be a return to the roots for Larson-Green, as she was in a high position in the Office team before working in Windows.
Long been one of Microsoft’s most important products and its main cash cow, Office is seeing a shift from a separate software that’s updated over time to a subscription-based model, as well as attempts to separate it from Windows and growing it independently by adding more apps to the suite, for example Docs and Sway, bringing them to new platforms including iOS and Android, and even making the mobile version free for sub-10.1-inch devices. In addition to in-house development, Microsoft has also made a number of acquisitions (Sunrise’s Accompli and Wunderlist come to mind), that add more functionality to Office while quickens its expansion in the mobile space. In these critical times for Microsoft’s productivity suite, it will be interesting to see how one of its former leaders will take the reins going forward.

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