Join us LIVE for the ‘WinBeta Podcast: Windows 10 Special’ this Friday at 3PM EDT

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Join us live for the WinBeta Podcast this Friday at 3PM EDT. This week is our Windows 10 Special! All Windows 10: Start Menus, desktops, tablets modes, actions centers, and more. We have it all. Every week on the WinBeta Podcast we discuss the biggest Microsoft and Windows related news and this week that’s all Windows 10. Each episode streams live via YouTube at 3PM EDT and the rebroadcast audio and video go up over the weekend.

You’re part of the podcast because you can share your feedback in our latest poll and we’ll talk about the results in this week’s episode. This week’s poll: Where will Windows 10 rank as an operating system? Also, during the live stream you can comment, share insight, and ask questions. After the episode ends we stick around for Q&A and the after party.

This is practically a holiday for Microsoft fans so make sure to join us for one of the biggest weeks of the year!

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