Join us LIVE for the WinBeta Podcast today at 3PM EDT

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Have you caught up on all of your Netflix shows? Are you running out of HD content to pour into your eyeballs? Look no further! This week’s WinBeta Podcast is live streaming in HD!

Every week on the WinBeta podcast we talk about the biggest Microsoft and Windows related news. Last week we promised a grimace with any story involving Snapchat and this week they’re in the headlines so make sure to tune in to see our best grimaces.

Each episode is streamed live via YouTube at 3PM EDT and the rebroadcast audio and video are put up the next day.

We’d love you to join us live because we love all of our live listeners, not just the half dozen of them named James. When you listen in live you can take part in the comment stream and ask us questions and share insights. If you stick around after the episode we’ll answer specific questions about anything from which theme we prefer in the Windows 10 Start Menu to which Harry Potter character is our favorite.

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