Join us for the LIVE Winbeta Podcast today at 3PM EDT

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Have you had a hard week? Are you exhausted from downloading Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080? Then come on by and join us for our weekly podcast! We discuss the biggest Microsoft related stories from throughout the week and do it with a smile, or occasionally a grimace if Snapchat is ever a story. We’ll be talking about this weeks Microsoft news and perhaps an exclusive LIVE demo of build 10120.

As always we’ll be broadcasting LIVE AND IN COLOR on YouTube at 3pm EDT or 3am on Saturday for our buddies in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. If you can’t make the live broadcast we will put up the rebroadcast tomorrow during the day.

When you listen in live you can take part in the comment stream and ask us questions and share insight. If you stick around after the episode we’ll answer specific questions about anything from Windows build features to clarifying between HP brown sauce, ketchup, and BBQ sauce.

Also make sure to follow @WinBetadotorg to find out exactly when we’re going live. You can also follow @ZacB_ , and @Sean_Michael_UK and share news and ask us questions throughout the week.

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