Join the Xbox Ambassadors Program this holiday season

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If you’re the sort of person that is into all things Xbox, or just are interested in getting involved with the gaming community, then you might want to join the Xbox Ambassadors Program this holiday season.  This season, both new and existing community members are set to have chances to unlock holiday-themed surprises and other rewards by doing things they already do, such as Tweeting, watching YouTube videos, and learning about Xbox products and services.

All it takes to sign up to be an ambassador is to head over to this webpage and click “Get Started.” After that, you need to authenticate a new or existing Twitter account, and then use it to reach out to others in 140 characters or less. If Tweeting is not your thing, you can also join the new Ambassadors on YouTube Forum, where anyone can share Xbox-related videos with the community. If you’re lucky enough, and if your post is good enough, it might even be promoted by someone from Team Xbox!

For added fun, you also can check out the expanded Ambassadors Website which features an expanded space for informational materials and quizzes, called the Academy. So, what do you think? Will you join in the 6,000 active community members on the Xbox Ambassadors Program this holiday season to find new friends and enjoy the Xbox experience? Let us know by dropping us a line below!

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