Join the Microsoft Teams AMA session this morning at 9AM PST -
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Join the Microsoft Teams AMA session this morning at 9AM PST

Microsoft Teams has been one of the company’s fastest evolving app this year, and all Teams users are invited to participate to an “Ask Microsoft Anything” session this morning. From 9AM to 10AM PST, members of the product engineering team will try to answer all questions from the audience on this page.

Microsoft Teams finally reached feature parity with Skype for Business this year, and the company is now pushing Teams as the default team communication app in Office 365. Microsoft also added guest access and a free tier to Microsoft Teams this year, but users are still requesting many other new features such as support for private channels, a compact chat layout, and more.

If you plan to participate to the AMA session this morning, we invite you to check out the most requested new features on the dedicated UserVoice website. Despite Teams being the fastest growing business app in Microsoft’s history, there is still a lot of room for improvement and we're glad that the team is actively listening to users.

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