Join Redford and friends on an epic adventure in Mega Run for Windows 8.1

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Join Redford and friends on an epic adventure in Mega Run for Windows 8.1

Mega Run, a popular mobile game on iOS and Android, has made its way onto the Windows Store for Windows 8.1. In this epic platform game, you will play with an incredible cast of characters, experience beautiful landscapes, and engage in explosive powerups. 

“Redford’s brother and sister have been kidnapped by a mysterious monster and taken far away! Join Redford on an amazing adventure across multiple worlds and dozens of challenging stages. Find Redford’s lost family and discover new worlds to explore by following the trail of stolen coins and Forest Gems,” the game description reads.

The game features eye-popping cartoon graphics, hundreds of stages over multiple worlds, 28 different explosive power-ups, hundreds of secrets and collectables, and hilarious new characters that can be unlocked. The game features a simple tap control design that works well with your touch screen device. The game also supports keyboard and mouse.

Enough words, take a look at the embedded video below showcasing the game in action. The game runs for $1.99 and a free trial is available. Grab the app via the download link below. Enjoy!

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