Join “The Arena” and chat with Halo Pros on Skype

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Halo fans take heed: there’s a new way for you to get closer than ever to the game, the community and the best players in the world, and as announced on the Skype team blog, it involves Microsoft’s chat service.

Specifically, as part of the promotion for this year’s Halo Champion Series (HCS) Pro League, Skype is hosting an exclusive group chat called “The Arena” with Pro League players that anyone can join. Some of the participants include Halo pro Optic Maniac and Renegade Ninja; the champion of the league will also join in after a winner has been decided.

Additionally, joining the group chat will entitle you to a chance at winning some sweet Halo merchandise, including limited edition controllers, swag bags, and best of all, a ticket for two to Los Angeles on July 29 for the League’s grand finale. Signing in is as easy as going to Skype, adding “GamingWithSkype” to your contact list, and start discussing battle tactics, questions, and more with fellow players and pros.

Overall, this is an interesting way for Microsoft to combine its different capabilities to provide the best experience for users, in this case competitive gamers. Here’s hoping other competitive games in the Xbox repertoire will be following Halo’s footstep in the future.

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