Joe Belfiore’s Build 2015 t-shirt explains what happened to Windows 9

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta May 7th, 2015 inNews

Joe Belfiore's Build 2015 t-shirt explains what happened to Windows 9

During the Day 1 keynote at Build 2015, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore wore an interesting t-shirt featuring a Windows logo at the front. If you look closer, you will notice it is binary code. Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul took it to Twitter to mention that the t-shirt was more than it seemed, hinting that the t-shirt featured a hidden message.

One smart developer (Kevin Gosse) was able to decrypt the messages, which were revealed to say: There are 10 types of people in the world; Windows 10, because 7 8 9; Congrats on being one of the first; and Windows Insiders help us develop the future. Talk to us @ Windows.

The running joke has been “7 ate 9” ever since Windows 10 was announced, so this comes as no surprise. Microsoft even passed out free t-shirts during the Mobile World Congress featuring a Windows timeline with Windows 9 crossed out in favor of Windows 10.

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