Joe Belfiore says the Windows Phone app-gap will end in 2013

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If there is one thing that is a source of complaint for Windows Phone users – and ridicule from Android and iOS fans — it is the state of the app market for Windows Phone. Things are certainly improving, but compared to Apple and Google’s stores, the number of apps available is fairly low. It is something of an awkward Catch 22 situation in which some phone users are put off Windows Phone by the lack of apps, particularly big name apps, and developers fail to see the point in producing apps for a platform that does not have a massive user base.

But Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore is upbeat about things. Very upbeat. And he’s looking to the future — a future in which apps are far more prevalent on Windows Phone. In a tweet he says that the end of this year should see things improved:

Do take note, that Belfiore meant 2013 rather than 2014. He corrects himself in a later tweet.

Things do seem to be on the up, and just in recent days there have been a few big name releases. The likes of Waze and Instagram have finally found their way onto Microsoft’s mobile platform, hopefully bringing with them a raft of new users.

While Windows Phone is a platform in its own right, one thing that is undoubtedly standing in the way of real success is the lack of real big name apps from the likes of Google. It’s unclear whether Google is likely to branch out and start producing Windows Phone version of Gmail and Google+, but they would certainly prove extremely popular.

Having just acquired the handset arm of Nokia, Microsoft will be pinning a lot of hope on the improved success of Windows Phone. Perhaps 2014 will be the year that there is a real push, and perhaps a big breakthrough. Is Windows Phone 8.1 all we need, or does more need to be done to encourage developers to produce more high quality apps that people want?

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