Joe Belfiore, former head of Windows Phone development, upsets fans and users again

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Once again former head of Windows Phone development Joe Belfiore has managed to stoke the flames. Aangry and jilted fans and phone owners of Microsoft’s failed mobile platform fired back as he explained a new feature found in the latest Windows 10 Insider preview 16251.

While his intentions may have been to clear up some misunderstanding between the direction the Windows development team was taking and the disheartened assumptions of a lingering tribe of Windows phone fans, his explanation was met with clear upset and disappointed fervor.

This latest muddled communication effort isn’t the first time Joe B has been on the receiving end of a bunch of angry and disappointed Windows phone fans as it would seem he has a history of delivering bad news under the guise of transparency for the platform.

Back in 2011, Joe B was under fire from fans and users as the pledge to get the platform on track with regular and transparent updates, to rectify the platform’s omission of very basic features such as copy/paste. Then a year later he was once again being raked over the coals about how Windows Phone 7.5 devices could not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 due to a structural engineering hurdle.

Perhaps, Windows phone fans and user base are a bit more temperamental than others when it comes to showing love for their chosen platform, but after years of empty promises, failed marketing, and the gradual degradation of the operating system, Joe B’s attempt at explaining the broadening of the Windows 10 ecosystem at the expenses of Windows 10 Mobile probably feels like trolling at this point.



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