Verizon taking quality control ‘very seriously’ – Lumia Cyan update may take time

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Joe Belfiore comments on when Verizon will release Lumia CyanWindows Phone 8.1 is a massive update to Windows Phone as it offers users a wide range of features and improvements. Yet for some Windows Phone users the update is in carrier limbo. That means that the wireless carrier is performing tests to ensure the software works smoothly for their customers on their network.

One of the biggest offenders of slow (or no) updates is Verizon Wireless. Anyone who owns or has owned a Verizon phone knows how poor its update cadence can be. The story is no different for Windows Phone on Verizon as well. Microsoft has been (presumably) working hard to get users on Windows Phone 8.1 by pushing Lumia Cyan firmware over the air. There has been little news on progress of this update from either Verizon or Microsoft.

To clarify things, Windows Phone Chief, Joe Belfiore, tweeted out an update on how things are coming. Unfortunately, this is not good news for Lumia Icon (also known as Lumia 929) users on Verizon; he says that they (Microsoft) are working with Verizon to get the update out quickly, but that Verizon is taking quality issues very seriously. This could mean that Lumia Icon owners may not see Windows Phone 8.1 for a while.

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