JerryRigEverything tears down the Surface Duo and dives deeper into its inner workings

Arif Bacchus

Jerry Duo Tear Down

Repair website iFixit recently tore down the Surface Duo and found that it wasn’t meant to be repaired. If that wasn’t enough for you, though, then YouTuber JerryRigEverything has more horror. In his latest video, he attempts to tear down the Surface Duo and reveal its inner workings and secrets, only to completely wreck the phone.

The 7-minute long video begins with Jerry digging into the internals. He removes the dual AMOLED displays and finds that they’re quite fragile. While the first screen still works after he detaches it, he ends up damaging the screen by delaminating it. He also gets into the internals, and finds that it looks “pretty great inside.”

After removing the screens (he completely broke the second one), Jerry gives us a look at the Duo’s dual batteries and removes the screens to unclip the wire cables through the hinge as well as the smaller circuit board around the hinges. Here he finds that all that connects the battery is large contact pads, with there being no easy way to pull out the battery itself out.

When he gets to the right side of the device, the microphone, and the right-side wire cable ribbons and the right motherboard all come out. This gives a nice look at the camera, as well as the mono speaker.

Finally, there’s a look at the hinges itself, which has hidden screws to secure it under the front panel. Here, Jerry finds that the long CNC metal bar which supports the hinges bends and holds its shape. The hinges itself, meanwhile, have no moving parts or gears to catch dust or rocks.

Jerry gives the Duo “Duo thumbs up” and notes that he thinks Microsoft has proven they’re capable of making a folding phone. What do you think of this teardown? Let us know in the comments below.