JavaScript performance was a top priority for the Microsoft Edge team

JavaScript performance was a top priority of the Microsoft Edge team

JavaScript is one of the main coding languages which drives the modern web today. Browsers with less than optimal JS performance means most sites could be slow or unresponsive. This leads to an overall bad user experience. Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox optimize their JS engines to deliver a fast experience on all sites around the web. Improving the JavaScript engine in Edge has been a top priority for the development team at Microsoft. They understand users demand good performance and high compatibility.

To guide their development the Edge team sampled thousands of the most popular sites on the web to determine exactly how companies are implementing JavaScript. By sampling the most popular sites on the web Microsoft can be sure Edge will give users the experience they expect. Web standards are important but when it comes to creating a new browser the team needs to know existing websites will render properly and quickly.

In a blog post the dev team mentions how synthetic benchmark test like Octane 2.0 (owned by Google) and JetStream (owned by Apple) are not always the best when assessing if a browser is good, but it can be a good way to track progress. Currently when running these benchmarks, I found mixed results but Edge does rank among Chrome and Firefox which is a good sign since the product isn't complete yet.

For a technical look at how the Edge team bettered the new browser head over to their blog.

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