Jackbox Game's Quiplash now available on Xbox One

Jackbox Game's Quiplash now available on Xbox One

Jackbox Games, the creators of the popular party video games, You Don’t Know Jack and Fibbage have just released their latest creation and it’s now available for purchase on Xbox One in select regions. The new game, Quiplash bears a striking similarity to Fibbage but instead of tasking players with writing lies, challenges them to create the funniest sentence.

Like Fibbage, Quiplash incorporates the use of mobile devices to enter data while the main game screen appears on the TV via the Xbox One. This allows players to type their answers on their own personal devices without other players stealing their ideas.

Between three to eight players can actively compete in a game of Quiplash and an impressive 10,000 players can spectate and vote on which answers they think is best. Are you a fan of Fibbage or any of the other party games from Jackbox Games? Which one’s your favorite? Share you recommendations in the comments below.

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