It’s time to upgrade from Windows 8.1 Preview!

It's time to upgrade from Windows 8.1 Preview!

It has been on the cards for some time now, but now another version of Windows is no longer supported. I’m not talking about Windows XP — there are still three months until this is no longer supported by Microsoft — but the preview version of Windows 8.1. You’ve probably seen the warnings popping up on your screen, but now is the time to bite the bullet!

It could be that you have a laptop you don’t use very often. While you may have upgraded your main computer to the full release version of Windows 8.1, it’s all too easy to forget about a machine that isn’t used as frequently. The time to act is now. You don’t want to take your laptop out for a spot of work away from home and find that it is constantly restarting.

Yes, this is the penalty you will have to pay if you don’t upgrade from Windows 8.1 Preview. Your computer will now restart every couple of hours, and this could be extremely irritating if you’re busy trying to get on with some work.

It is a very good idea to make sure that you do upgrade — why would you want to run an out of date version of the operating system? — but you will need to reinstall your software. This can be something of a pain, so before you do actually start the installation of Windows 8.1, make sure yo have a note of all of the applications you need to reinstall, and that you have the necessary product codes to get them up and running.

Let us know how you get on, particularly if you run into any problems.

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