It's official: Insider Dev Tour coming to a city near you -
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It's official: Insider Dev Tour coming to a city near you

Microsoft is bringing back the Insider Dev Tour this year, offering developers around the world the chance to engage with Microsoft engineers and learn more about UWP apps, PWAs, Mixed Reality, AI and more. This year, Microsoft says that it’s extending the tour to even more locations across the world and there are more than 41 different sessions listed on the dedicated website.

"The Insider Dev Tour is for developers and code curious folks interested in building intelligent experiences today using the latest Microsoft technologies,” the blog post reads. “It’s also for those who want a peek into the future of what kinds of tech will be super-important in every industry.”

All events will be open to everyone: wether you’re a student learning code or an already skilled developer, you'll have the opportunity to drill down into code, meet other developers as well as Microsoftees and MVPs. Each session will start with an overview of the latest developer technologies from Redmond in the morning, and the afternoons will be dedicated to coding sessions. The worldwide tour will kick off in London on June 1 and last through the end of the month, we invite you to check out the website to see if the tour will stop at a city near you.

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