It's now easier than ever to start using Skype, via Skype as a Guest -
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It's now easier than ever to start using Skype, via Skype as a Guest

One of the challenges of using Skype to communicate with literally anyone is the requirement for users to already have a Skype account to connect with. That changes today, as Microsoft has introduced Skype as a Guest functionality that lets anyone use Skype without needing to take the time to create an account.

It's easy than ever to get started with using Skype. You can head over to, tap to start a conversation, and enter your name. You'll be provided with a conversation link that you can share with anyone and all they need to do is click the link to join a conversation. You can also use Skype for Web immediately by joining as a guest.

Check out the video overview for an idea of how it all works:

All of the usual Skype functionality is available via Skype as a Guest. Conversations also last 24 hours, and so there's plenty of time to get everyone on board and communicating. Some functionality does require a Skype account, however, such as returning to a conversation, calling a landline or mobile device, and translating a conversation in real time with Skype Tanslator.

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