Is Microsoft Store testing a new web design for apps and games?

Arif Bacchus

The Microsoft Store on Windows 10 has evolved a bit over the past few years, but it’s looking as though Microsoft might also now be changing up the store on the web. We noticed that the company is testing a new web design for Microsoft Store apps and games, and we’d like to know if you’re seeing it too.

The new web design of the Microsoft Store looks very similar to what is seen in the dedicated Xbox One app. For games, you get a video trailer of the game along the top, and then a description on the bottom with tabs for overview reviews, and related games. You can also scroll down to see where the game is available, friends who play, screenshots, trailers, and more.

Then, for Windows 10 apps, the web store gives you a more modern overview of any given app. You see the general description along the top, followed by tabs for an overview, system requirements, reviews, and related apps. You also can scroll down for access to screenshots, and more on where the app is available.

Only one of our writers is currently seeing the new web design for the Microsoft Store, so we’re assuming it may be in A/B testing for now. It also only appears in Microsoft Edge, with it not showing up in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Definitely interesting, so let us know in the comments below if you’re also seeing this updated Microsoft Store on the web.