Is Microsoft Edge Chromium close to a stable release? Download links are live for Windows 10

Jonny Caldwell

The stable version of Microsoft Edge is already available for grabs for Windows 10, as searching for “Microsoft Edge Stable” displays the direct download link on the very top, as spotted by Techdows. Microsoft has been working heavily on the new Chromium-based version of Edge, having recently implemented the smooth-scrolling that Edge classic known for.

Microsoft still has yet to announce the official launch date of the new Microsoft Edge, and it’s entirely possible the download links could be removed later. But seeing as how far the company has gotten with development with new features such as Collections for organizing web pages, it wouldn’t be too surprising for the company to announce something soon.

Installing the stable version of the new Edge will replace the classic version of the browser that came preinstalled in the machine, and going back won’t be possible from the Control Panel. As such, it might be best to wait for an official announcement from Microsoft if you don’t want to risk running into bugs in your primary browser.

Will you be taking the dive and installing the browser, or will you wait for Microsoft’s announcement? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments area below.