Is "HomeHub" a shared Family Desktop?

WalkingCat has made yet another discovery and shared it across Twitter revealing new system settings for users: the 'Add HomeHub Button.'

The description of setting up a HomeHub reads:

"A Family Desktop, along with the Family Features on your PC, makes it easy to get to common tasks without logging in. You also get a quick view of all the things your family uses every day like shared calendar lists, music, and more."

A look at the coding surmises that the HomeHub feature of Windows 10 is just a Family Desktop account, a hub for household members to access shared information across devices.

That's a big difference compared to the original speculation that it would be a competition for Amazon's Alexa. Just a month ago, we saw a LinkedIn profile that mentioned building a "Home hub projected aimed to build a smart kitchen based on Microsoft's Cortana and Azure Cloud." Of course, it looks like Tom Warren was right when he insisted that this project wasn't HomeHub.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft approaches the shared account for households. Currently, children need to have their Microsoft accounts to play their games from the Windows 10 store. Hopefully, we'll learn more about what exactly what makes HomeHub different in the weeks to come.

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