Is Google building a Windows emulator for its Stadia platform?

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Google is planning to unveil a Windows emulator next week at the upcoming Google for Games Developer Summit on the 15th, apparently. Marcin Undak, of Stadia porting platform team, will host a session at the summit providing a “detailed overview of the technology behind Google’s solution for running unmodified Windows games on Stadia,” according to the summit’s website.

The move seems like a bid to revitalize the Stadia gaming platform, possibly in addition to licensing “Google Stream” technology, by allowing Windows games to run unmodified on Stadia. At present, game developers have to port their Windows-based games to Google’s service since it is Linux-based. This ultimately means more legwork for developers, some of whom may not find it worth the effort. If Google could work around this hurdle it would inevitably mean that more games would find their way to Stadia, which of course would lead to it becoming a much more viable gaming platform than it is today.

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