Is an official Ello app still coming to Windows phones?

Brad Stephenson

Ello Windows phone app

When Ello first launched, plans were announced for future smartphone Ello apps for iOS, Android, and Windows phone. As the social network grew though, and the iOS app began development, mention of an upcoming Windows phone app seemed to vanish from the site.

Curious to know if the plans had been completely abandoned, I reached out to Ello via their official Twitter account and received confirmation that while a Windows phone app hasn’t been completely taken off the table, right now the Ello team is focusing on other areas before expanding. Here’s the tweet:

Windows phone owners aren’t the only Ello users waiting for an app. Android devices owners have also been put on hold for the moment. The reason for the app delays appear to be related to a decision to make the iOS app as functional as the web version of the site before expanding. An official statement on the Ello website admits that they have, “Just completed new features that bring the iOS app close to parity with Ello on web and mobile web. We are also dropping an interface redesign soon that will make Ello mobile quicker and easier to use, and more logical for new Ello’ers. Once that is done, and we’re satisfied, we will finish Android!”

For now Windows phone and Android users can access Ello via the mobile web version which features most of the features users could want with the exception of things like phone notifications, LiveTiles, etc.

Ello is a fairly new social network that prides itself of its anti-ad policies and respect for its users. While it hasn’t caught on nearly as much as networks like Facebook and Twitter, Ello has attracted a lot of artists and designers due to the emphasis images have in its timeline and more members continue to join on a daily basis.

Are you an Ello user? What do you think about the social network? Let us know in the comments below and if you’d also like to see a Windows phone app, let the Ello staff know via Twitter.