iPhone users to gain a completely redesigned Skype 5.0

iPhone users to gain a completely redesigned Skype 5.0

On the horizon is a huge update for the iPhone version of Skype. Microsoft’s chat tool is undergoing a major overhaul and will be making its way to small-screened iOS devices very soon. Skype 5.0 for iPhone has been completely rewritten from the ground up, and the most noticeable change is speed — the new version is more than five times faster than its predecessor.

There has been a move to create a more unified look, so no matter whether you are using the app on a desktop computer, a tablet or, now, iPhone, the experience will look and feel the same. Striking animations and transitions have been added, and scrolling has been made smoother than ever, all with impacting negatively on performance or battery life.

If you are using Skype on more than one device, there is now improved syncing between devices — if you start a conversation on one device and switch to another, messages will be marked as read up to the same point on all devices at the same time. Better iOS integration means that users will be able to can start group chats from the hub, as well as being able to send messages to users even if the recipient is offline.

The app is due for release in around a week’s time, but in the meantime you can check out how things are going to look in the video below:

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