iPhone 5 conference to be held on October 5th

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With the iPhone 5 rumoured to be released within the next few weeks, it was only a matter of time before rumours of a conference date were to appear. Now, one website claims to have inside information about the iPhone 5 conference date which is to be held in a couple of weeks.

Pocket Gamer claims to have inside information about the iPhone 5’s conference date. The website claims, via unnamed sources, that the iPhone 5’s press conference will be held on October 5th 2011 with the retail release a week later.

This rumour seems to have popped up just at the wrong time, it was just a few days ago when another rumour claimed that Apple were having production issues with the iPhone. The launch of the iPhone itself may also be delayed and that product shortages could occur until 2012.

It has also been rumoured that Apple will be releasing 2 iPhone’s this year, one of which will be a cheaper iPhone 4 with plastic panel’s instead of the usual glass.

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