iPhone 4S shipment takes 1-2 weeks to arrive from Apple Store

As with every iPhone, the pre-order's it receives is always high, but since so many have pre-ordered the brand new iPhone 4S, shipments from the Online Apple Store could take at least 1-2 weeks.

The online Apple Store is currently showing shipment times betweek 1-2 weeks, this time period is the same for any type of iPhone 4S, and from any carrier. This shipment time could mean those who pre-ordered won't be able to use their new device until after the iPhone has launched.

Just a few days ago, AT&T and Sprint reported that pre-orders we're strong, with AT&T claiming they had sold over 200,000 devices in the first 12 hours.

If this has annoyed you, you can still pop into a physical Apple Store and purchase one with real money, but just remember that the line is usually very long.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it's fair that those who Pre-ordered have to wait a few more days to play with their new iPhone? Leave your thoughts below!

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