iPhone 4S owners having activation problems?

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Apple has just released the iPhone 4S, but problems are already starting to arise on the first day. Many people are can’t activate their phones.

As we all know, yesterday Apple finally released the iPhone 4S. As many people were lined up to get their precious new phone, they had no idea that they would have problems from the start. Customers can’t seem to be able to activate their cellular service. While being able to still use all of the other major features of the device, customers can’t use it for it main feature; make calls.

AT&T and Sprint have received a thousands of phone calls in just a few hours. Apparently their servers can’t take that many people trying to activating their phones, again. Sprint reported no problems with their servers, so many are blaming Apple. Apple may have a lot of work on their hands these upcoming days.

What do you think of the iPhone 4S? Anyone having similar activation problems?

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