iOS Simulator for Xamarin for Visual Studio gets a third preview -
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iOS Simulator for Xamarin for Visual Studio gets a third preview

Following its acquisition of Xamarin earlier this year, Microsoft has been busy integrating the cross-platform development tool into Visual Studio. This week, Xamarin has released a third preview of the iOS Simulator for Visual Studio on Windows, which is a new feature that lets developers test out iOS apps in their development environment. You can find the full changelog of the iOS Simulator for Windows version below:

Issues Addressed:

  • 41626 – Xamarin.Forms.Portable app not deploying or launching on iOS Simulator

New Features:

  • Support for stylus translating to pencil input has been added
  • A dialog is shown when sim starts and include an update status
  • Fixed an issue preventing the simulator from starting using usernames with spaces in them

Known Issues:

  • Non-public Bug 41620: “The device … was not found” if Xcode path setting is blank (it is blank by default)
    • Workaround – Set the Xcode path explicitly under Tools > Options > Xamarin > iOS Settings > Xcode path.
  • Non-public Bug 42719: Foundation.NSErrorException: Exception of type ‘Foundation.NSErrorException’ was thrown while launching Simulators. Workaround is to kill csproxy (server process) in build host and redeploy on simulator.

You can download the latest iOS Simulator for Visual Studio on Windows over here.

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